Lead Well


All the bubbles had been filled, the test completed. Eagerly I added my answers from each column to discover my spiritual gifts. Exhortation topped the list at #1. Exhortation? As in encouragement? Not that I was disappointed, exactly, but encouragement just seemed so basic. At the time, it felt more like a consolation prize than a spiritual gift.… Read More THE TRUTH ABOUT ENCOURAGEMENT

Live Well


The hummingbirds have staked their claim over the recently hung feeders. I hear their distinct high-pitch whir as they flit with a purposed frenzy and furry. Unlike other birds who seem to put minimal effort into their flight, hummingbirds move in stacattoed motion, propelled by tiny blurred wings. I watch in delight, and wonder at… Read More A MOMENT

Lead Well, Love Well


I often shy away from speaking out because, like I wrote last week, I struggle and strive toward being seen as a “good girl.” However, the more I read and hear the stories of victims, the more I realize that my silence is not always a way of keeping peace, but rather, it can be… Read More GOOD FOR WHOM?